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HOLY SHIT WATCH GEORGIA’S REPRESENTATIVE FOR NEW WAVE (they just covered “world hits” today, but I will keep you posted on what she does next) (bonus shot of Filipp Kirkorov doing something weird and then looking around to see if anyone saw him do something weird a little over 2 minutes in)

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I’m sick of seeing super-slimmed-down fan art of Ursula the Sea Witch. The cool thing about Ursula is that she has the power to shape-shift however she wants, AND SHE PICKED THE SHAPE SHE HAS FOR HER DEFAULT FORM. She is vain and self-absorbed and obsessed with her appearance. If she wanted to look like ‘Vanessa’ all the time in private, she totally could, but she doesn’t want to. 

also people who say Ursula was jealous of Ariel need to stfu

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The whole “earth is round not flat” thing as a major scientific discovery is a very Western-centric thing

Arab and Asian empires had mathematically proven the earth was round way before white people

Arab mathematicians had calculated the circumference of the Earth hundreds of years before Columbus sailed. Even the ancient Greeks knew the world was round and provided their own estimates for size. The real reason nobody except Spain would give Columbus money to go to Asia was because the math had been done and everybody knew the journey from Europe to Asia by sailing west was ridiculously longer than Columbus was claiming. Columbus wasn’t just bad at geography, he also flunked math.

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3. Mozambique

The flag of Mozambique is the only national flag in the world to have an AK-47 rifle, a result of the state’s adoption of the flag of the Mozambique Liberation Front (Portuguese: FRELIMO - Frente de Libertação de Moçambique). And it’s not just a rifle on there either. There’s a rifle on a hoe on a book on a star on a red triangle. That’s kinda a lot.

In 2005, the government of Mozambique held a contest for the public to redesign their country’s flag, but FRELIMO, still the ruling party in the Mozambique parliament, hated all the entries. None of them were good enough to replace their old revolutionary banner. The votes to change the flag to a new design were split exactly on party lines. So much for that effort.

Anyway, I kept my redesign simple: Take out the gun, hoe, and book, and arrange the colors in a more aesthetically pleasing way. I simply thought that the yellow was throwing the balance off, so that’s gone. Then I added a white border around the red triangle to make sure it doesn’t touch the green. (Your eyes can thank me later.) I kept everything else in place, basically.

Symbolism is pretty much the same: Red for the Carnation Revolution that led to Mozambique’s independence, in addition to the vigilance that the gun stood for. Green stands for the riches of the land, which include the agriculture that the hoe used to stand for, and the minerals that the yellow stood for. Black symbolizes the people of the country, guided by the white lines that represent peace and education, leading forward into the future.

(Apologies for the late post! Because of the delay, I’ll postpone the first Sunday Good Flag to next week.)


Bad flag? lmao Westerners stay acontextual about everything.

I’m not a Westerner lmao try again

Ok, fine but your bio says you live in Anaheim, Cali which means you’re atleast somewhat westernized (like me). Besides the point, do you atleast recognize you’re ignoring the context and history behind the flag? I mean for chrissakes you even think the red stands for the Carnation Revolution-a *Portuguese* event in history, and not for our own struggle. I’m not gonna be snippy because i simply don’t have the energy, but I do encourage you to read up more on our flag, and then pass off judgement. We are a warm bunch but there’s a violent history behind our struggle leading to independence and afterwards, and it’s not gonna be forgotten overnight.

Well, as far as I know, the Carnation Revolution wasn’t only in mainland Portugal, the effects leading to independence in Portugal’s African colonies. If I’m wrong, I apologize.

Also, I did read up on the flag, and there ARE movements in Mozambique to change the country’s flag because it’s an adaptation of FRELIMO’s flag. And because it has a rifle on it. Opinion in Mozambique, as far as I’ve researched, is split on the matter, but the proposal to change the flag was shot down (pun totally unintended) by the FRELIMO-majority government.

I know the struggle of revolution and decolonialization, especially living in the United States after spending my developmental years in the Philippines. So if you’re accusing me of being too westernized to understand the struggle, you’re completely wrong.

If my information and research are wrong, I apologize, as well as for causing any offense. I know I’m not from Mozambique, and I know I’m not fully educated on its people and history. So, I’m sorry.